Pictured above: 6mm dyed hemp rope from Passional in Philadelphia

updated broken link Aug '21

Advantages of this method:

  • Starts at the tail- no need to find the bight first!
  • A fairly quick process
  • Very difficult to accidentally come undone.
  • It's kind to natural fibers- no sharp bends to cause extra wear and tear.


  • Takes a decent amount of practice before it starts to look good

The following gif shows the complete process of the bundle:

alt text


  1. Rope starts folded in half by putting the two ends together. The two ends form the tail.
  2. Coil from the tail until the remaining length is roughly 1.5 to 2 times the length of your hand.
  3. Bend the rope 90 degrees to wrap around the center of the coils.
  4. Once there is less than a hand's length of rope left, push the bight through the center of all the coils.
  5. The bight is a small loop that goes over the ouside of all the coils.


  • If it's completely falling apart once you finish, check step 3. There are two directions this center wrap can go: one covers the part of the rope that started the coil which pins it in place. The other leaves it loose and causes the bundle to unravel.
  • If it feels super loose it might be that the bight was too long when it was sent through all the coils. If it's not short enough it won't be able to form a tight bundle.